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2016 Family Day
In 1993, when the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 15th May of every year, the International Day of Families, the brain behind this move is to reflect the importance of the family towards sustaining a formidable nation. This year?s theme is Family Healthy Living and Sustainable Future. In her usual way of paying attention to details in the bid to making a positive difference in line with her outstanding nature, Raberto schools has taken a day out at River Plate Gardens on Saturday, 14th May 2016 to commemorate the all important day and at the same time celebrate families under her big umbrella alongside their friends and well-wishers.

The occasion featured several activities among which are: - SHARE OF FAMILY EXPERIENCE: this is an open forum in which parents were given time to share their experiences on children upbringing and character moulding. Read what some of them had to share:

Mrs. J, Obano: ?over the years, I spent my energy and time in training maids who usually took to their heels with knowledge gathered until I decided to shift my attention to my own kids. I can proudly say that my nine year old daughter is capable of preparing variety of dishes, her siblings clean my car, in fact, they can do lots more. Parents should pay more attention to the training of their children??. Mr. Okor Odey: ?In my family, they call me the budget man because I only spend on things budgeted for. Get these children involved, let them know how much money meant to be spent, let them keep record of all spending. Another area is that I make my family my utmost priority though, I try to balance my work with the attention I give to my family but the truth remains that I can get another job but I can?t get another family like mine?. MC: ?Before I married my husband who was a widower, his children called me aunt but after my wedding, I sat them down and open the choice of their calling me mum and get treated like my own children and calling me ?aunt? which naturally comes with some consequences. They chose to call me mum and we?ve been good. Most of them are fully grown now and we?ve not fallen out with one another?. Dr. Rita Onyali: ?I?m a proud parent of Raberto Schools. My son who passed of this school is already a medical doctor. For me, whether the children are given birth to or inherited, there should be room for open communication. If not, they go out to get information and they usually get the negative ones out there?.

- WHEN SHOULD SEX EDUCATION BE TAUGHT? One of the parents was of the opinion that children be taught from age six because at that time, most of them already know unbelievable things. For teenagers to have intimate friends of the opposite sex, there were diversified opinions. Let?s take some of them:

MC: ?when I notice that any of my kids is having a crush on the opposite sex, I make him/her bring the person home, I treat them like my own children. With time, they start seeing each other as siblings?. Hajia Umar: ?I disagree with that, talking to children about what they should or should not do is paramount here. Encouraging them to bring home friends of the opposite sex is contrary to our way of life, we are only trying to imitate the westerners. Remember, parents won?t always be at home and anything can happen?. Engr. Charles Ozigi: ?Talk to the children, make them understand that it is a mere crush which is meant to fade away. With time, they get over it. Availing them the opportunity? No way! They are likely going to misuse it?.

SECONDARY SCHOOL STUDENTS? PRESENTATION The above discussion was concluded at this interval when teenage girls and boys took time to talk about the importance of sex education and the consequences of not divulging this information to children early enough.

- FAMILY HEALTH CARE WITH DR. AYOSON EMMANUEL Uhh! A healthy mind is in a healthy body, a healthy body in a healthy family and healthy families make up a healthy nation. Dr. Emmanuel took up the platform to give a brief quality speech on the importance of the family to a nation therefore, the healthcare of the family should come first in planning. The measures of staying healthy as a family were highlighted.

- FASTEST FINGERS CHALLENGE: for the fun of it, recharge cards of various communication networks were called out for the fastest fingers to recharge their phones. - HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR SPOUSE: To accelerate the level of fun on ground, this beautiful game was played to create awareness of close families and point out the need for couples to pay attention to each other. - Dance contest between mothers and daughters, wives knotting of ties for their husbands were all part of the fun - TALK SHOW BY NURSERY PUPILS: This happened to be the most thrilling aspect of the occasion. Waooh! You need to see how these kids of less than six did their presentation the usual way professionals presenters do on television. On The Effects of Child Labour. Wonderful pupils like Bello, Aisha and many others put up an outstanding performance. Congratulations to the parents of these potential broadcasters.

- MENU! MENU! MENU!: Everyone present was allowed to eat to their satisfaction as varieties of dishes both local and inter-continental, snacks and drinks of various brands were also surplus. - CREATING A BALANCED TOMORROW: Amidst winning and dinning, Mr. Femi Joshua took to the stage to speak on the path way to a balanced future. His speech is summarized as putting a stop to procrastination, spending less time with the phone and spending more time to research, critically thinking, making every day of our lives counts, not giving up on oneself, teaching children integrity and paying now to play later. - CUTTING OF THE FAMILY CAKE: Cutting of cake for the occasion was anchored by the proprietress and supported by the planning committee. - APPRECIATION / SOUVENIR: Every attendant at the event walked away with one tangible item of gift or the other and the parents who were members of the planning committee were specially appreciated with very beautifully wrapped souvenirs.

In all, it was a wonderful outing/party/picnic get together give it any name you will. There were varieties of games for people to participate in base on their choice: football, volley ball, etc. and for the children section, they were provided with more than enough, bouncing castles, merry-go-round to mention but a few. It was fun all the way.



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