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Nursery/Primary 1. Oratory Team
"We believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside" In line with the above notable quote by Whitney Houston, Raberto Schools redoubles her efforts towards bringing out the great potentials in her Priceless Jewels. This is in the bid to encourage healthy transformation from childhood to adult life, filled with dreams come true. No one folds the arms to make things happen. Therefore, we merge practical works with our theoretical teachings and instructions. Come with us as we walk through the events of the past week.

Nursery 2 Spelling Bee - 11TH FEBRUARY, 2016 This was an intra-class event between the two arms of Nursery 2 class, Nursery 2 Apple and Nursery 2 Banana. Five pupils were selected from each class. The contestants that represented Nursery 2 Apple were: 1. Omahi Okor - Odey 2. Sonuyi Gabriella 3. Atsiuba Nwaluemaru 4. Okpara Anthony Kome 5. Adekunle Kanyisola And for nursery 2 Banana, we had 1. Akubueze Adaeze 2. Dankande mAbdulmajid 3. Dickson Elizabeth 4. Ebube Jeffrey 5. Obanor Mona

Nursery 2 Banana was the second runner up with 22 points and Nursery 2 Apple won the contest with 28 points. It is worthy of mentioning that Okor ? Odey Omahi was the overall best in the spellings Bee contest.

GRADE ONE QUIZ COMPETITION It was the turn of grade one pupils to make the school proud as the beautiful angels gracefully give answers to questions from various subjects of study as befits their level. They all did marvelously well but as peculiar to all competitions, there must be a winner. Consequently, Grade 1 Banana emerged the winner with 47.5 points against Grade 1 Apple's 42 points. The contestants representing the classes were

Grade 1 Apple: Ogechukwu Nicole NWOSU AdaoviaUmeoji Lucille Okeji Grade1 Apple: Isabella Ugwu Sochi OluchiNwatarali Rachael MmesomachukwuUba Mitchell



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